To me this is not breaking news, but rather heart breaking news.Monkey Cage: Leonard Nimoy, who helped bring politics to ‘Star Trek,’ has died


The Washington Post
February 27 2015

Leonard Nimoy, best known for his portrayal of “Star Trek’s” Spock, has died aged 83. “Star Trek” was a highly political show, and Nimoy, through his acting and writing, was at the heart of it.Spock believed in logic, or what social scientists call rational choice. He tried to set aside emotion in favor of cost-benefit calculations. Decision-making aboard the USS Enterprise would set Spock’s cool reserve in opposition to the fiery passion of his antithesis, the ship’s surgeon Leonard McCoy. Captain James T. Kirk would integrate both reason and emotion and take action. It was a neat way to dramatize the conflicting impulses of human choice.

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