Boehner Blows Kisses At Reporters

First the Speaker of the House made some incoherent references to candy, then he blew a kiss to the press corps. I’m not a fan of the name of the agency, Homeland Security, but I am a great fan of what they do in protecting us. John Boehner said most people will have to go to work with no pay and will be paid once this is all settled. Poor man who takes five months vacation a year that seems pretty flippant. It is so obvious that the Republican Party is so divided that any hope in seeing them to anything constructive is slowly slipping away.

The House speaker is apparently fed up with the grilling over a stalemate to fund the Department of Homeland Security.

US News
By Gabrielle Levy
Feb 26, 2015

The atmosphere on Capitol Hill turned surreal Thursday, when House Speaker John Boehner must have tired of giving the identical response to reporters’ repeated questions.

So with less than 36 hours left until the deadline for funding the Department of Homeland Security, as House Republicans scramble to find a way out of a political lose-lose scenario, the Ohio lawmaker responded to the sixth-straight question on the subject with kisses instead of words.

The exchange must be seen to be believed:
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Even though Boehner has earned something of a reputation for antics at his weekly briefings, those present, including this reporter, were stunned.

“What does that mean?” one asked.

“That was just a kiss, that’s all,” Boehner said.

It was the only thing of note to come out of a press conference in which he refused to deviate from his favorite line – “The House has done its job. Now it’s time for the Senate to act” – even after the Senate did vote on Wednesday to move a clean funding bill forward.

If Boehner’s goal was to distract members of the press with a shiny object in the form of awkward air kisses, he may have succeeded for the moment. But with a partial shutdown of the government just hours away, the speaker is running out of time to come up with real answers.

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