President Obama Job Approval Hits 50% for First Time Since 2013

President Obama was considered a lame duck just 3 weeks ago and now his writings are climbing because the economy is finally felt across the board as being better. If you look at what the GOP had said about where we would be if President Obama would be reelected in 2012 it cannot be further from reality. They suggest $5.85 a gallon that unemployment would be stuck at 8.5 and that the economy will grow at a less than 1% annualized basis. We all know that gas is at or less than $2 a gallon across the country unemployment is at 5.6% and the last quarter the economy grew by a healthy four percent.

by Lydia Saad
January 26 2015


PRINCETON, N.J. — Less than a week after President Barack Obama delivered his State of the Union address to Congress, his job approval rating reached 50% in Gallup Daily tracking conducted Friday through Sunday. This is the first time the president’s rating has returned to that level in Gallup’s ongoing three-day rolling averages since June 2013.
Only three months ago, in mid-October, 39% of Americans approved of Obama’s job performance — near his term low of 38%, last reached in September. His approval recovered slightly to 42% by the time of the Nov. 4 midterm elections. Following the elections — after announcing executive actions on immigration and benefiting from an improving economy and falling gas prices — his approval rating has gradually improved, averaging 44% in December and 46% thus far in January.

Improved Job Rating Follows Healthier Economic Confidence

Even if Obama’s job approval rating doesn’t hold at the 50% level, it has consistently registered in the mid- to high 40s throughout January, earning him the highest weekly averages he has seen in more than a year. His weekly average for the seven days ending Jan. 25 was 49%, up from 46% each of the prior three weeks, and from 44% in late December.

Notably, the recent uptick in Obama’s weekly job rating follows a period of significant improvement in Americans’ confidence in the U.S. economy. Economic confidence started improving in September. It then intensified in late December when Gallup’s Economic Confidence Index crossed into positive territory for the first time in more than seven years, and it has since remained positive. Americans’ ratings of Obama appear to be catching up with their improved economic views.

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