Sony Hacking: U.S. Penetrated North Korea’s Computer Network

After eight years of misinformation from the federal government, remember weapons of mass destruction, I believe the American people have become more cynical.
The report released by the FBI found the fingerprints of North Korean Hackers throughout the malware that infected Sony’s network.

January 18 2015


FBI Chief Comey: North Korean Hackers ‘Got Sloppy’NBC NEWS

Comments by top U.S. officials, including President Barack Obama, that blamed North Korea for the Sony Pictures cyberattack were apparently rooted in a top-secret penetration of North Korea’s computer systems by the National Security Agency, according to The New York Times — a report independently confirmed by NBC News.

The Times reported that the penetration occurred before the hack of Sony, but U.S. intelligence officials would not discuss the report Sunday or confirm its details. But the Times report says the evidence gleaned from the U.S. penetration of North Korean government hackers’ activities persuaded Obama and other top officials that North Korea was behind the attack.

NBC News has been told that the U.S. intelligence agencies did not have any warning of the Sony hacking through its monitoring of North Korean computers, and that the first the government learned of the Sony attack was on Nov. 24, when the company alerted the FBI’s cyber unit.

FBI Director James Comey said at a cyber conference at Fordham University on Jan. 7 that the North Koreans had become “sloppy” in hiding their tracks, adding:

“We could see that the IP [Internet protocol] addresses that were being used to post and to send the emails were coming from IPs that were exclusively used by the North Koreans.”

Gen. James Clapper, director of the NSA, described his trip to North Korea on Nov. 6 and 7 — to bring back Kenneth Bae and Matthew Todd Miller, two Americans in prison there — at the same Fordham conference, including his dinner with the head of North Korean intelligence, who is in charge of Pyongyang’s hacking unit. His trip preceded Sony’s notification to the FBI that it had been hacked.

The NSA told the Times and NBC News:

The purpose of Director Clapper’s trip to North Korea was solely to secure the release of the two detained U.S. citizens. As you know, it was a success.

There was no set agenda prior to his departure and he was not told who he was going to meet with until his arrival. So his interaction with General Kim was not a formal or pre-scheduled engagement to meet with his North Korean intelligence counterparts to discuss intelligence matters. Because of the sensitivities surrounding the effort to obtain Bae and Miller’s release, the DNI [director of national intelligence] was focused on the task and did not want to derail any progress by discussing other matters.

While we will not specifically address the Sony matter beyond what was stated publicly by the DNI and FBI Director Comey last week, Director Clapper is (and was) fully aware of North Korea’s many efforts in recent years to probe and infiltrate U.S. commercial networks and cyber infrastructure. The USIC [U.S. intelligence community] has been tracking North Korean intrusions and phishing attacks on a routine basis. While no two situations are the same, it is our shared goal is to prevent bad actors from exploiting, disrupting or damaging U.S. commercial networks and cyber infrastructure. When it becomes clear that cyber criminals have the ability and intent to do damage, we work cooperatively to defend networks.

Happy Birthday, Michelle Obama! This Is Why You’re Amazing

First ladies are usually not attacked by pundits from the opposing party. Michelle Obama has been attacked over and over again and she gets right back up and doesn’t was incredible class. The video is very cute.


Click here to watch her birthday video
The Huffington Post
Amber Ferguson 
Posted: 01/17/15 10:12 AM ET
First lady Michelle Obama turns 51 on Saturday. Happy Birthday, FLOTUS!

Ever since she stepped foot in the White House, Obama has wowed us with her style, dance moves and hilarious Vines.

To celebrate her Jan. 17 birth, we’ve compiled a few moments highlighting Obama’s awesomeness.

Republicans Slash Presidential Debate Schedule For 2016

I guess this will make for less “Oops” moments.


Jan 16, 2015, 2:30 PM
CORONADO, Calif. — After suffering some 2012 debate fatigue when Republican candidates met to discuss issues more than two dozen times, the Republican National Committee announced today it would be restricting the number of debates in the 2016 election cycle to a total of just 12.

Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images
The RNC confirmed at its winter meeting in San Diego that there will definitely be nine debates, with the possibility for three more being added.

The first debate will occur in August 2015 in Ohio. It’s very likely it will be hosted in Cleveland, also the host city of the Republican National Convention this cycle.

Each debate will be hosted by a TV news network in partnership with a conservative media panelist.

“Our goal has always been to have an element of conservatives,” in each debate, RNC spokesman Sean Spicer told reporters.
For full schedule,  cities and dates

Ben Carson GOP Presidential hopeful : Founding Fathers, ISIS Both ‘Willing to Die For What They Believed In’

For a political junkie like me I think this is going to be one fun presidential campaign. Comparing our founding fathers to Isis? What is this man thinking , I read his reasoning but it doesn’t hold water.


January 15 2015
CORONADO, Calif. — Neurosurgeon Ben Carson on Thursday suggested that Americans can learn from the Islamic State’s willingness to die for their cause, comparing ISIS to the Americans who waged the Revolutionary War against the British.

Carson, a conservative who’s considering running for president, made the comments at the Republican National Committee’s winter meeting.

Read full article at NBC News

Thomas O’Mara, New York State Senator, Goes Nuts In Wild Outburst That’s Caught On Camera

I hate to say this but it looks like Republicans are  out of control.


The Huffington Post
January 15 2015
A New York state senator is apologizing after a video surfaced in which he can be heard screaming obscenities at a man asking him questions about a liquified petroleum gas storage facility.

Sen. Tom O’Mara, a Republican whose upstate district includes the cities of Ithaca and Elmira, was caught on hidden camera sitting inside his car and discussing the project with his wife and an unidentified man who was standing outside the vehicle, according to video posted on the website of the Albany Times Union.

While much of the conversation is polite, O’Mara and the man clearly disagree about the issue.

But when the questioner responds to O’Mara’s wife’s defense of her husband by saying “that’s interesting,” the senator loses his cool. It happens right at about the 4:15 mark in the video above.

“What do you mean ‘that’s interesting?'” O’Mara said. “What the fuck do you mean ‘that’s interesting?'”

“For crying out loud what the fuck do you mean that’s interesting? I did nothing but sit here answering your fucking questions and you tell me that’s fucking interesting? You’re a fucking douchebag, get the fuck out of my face, right now. Now! Move. Move. Move, asswipe, now. I’ve had enough of you and your kind. Get the fuck out of here. I’ve had enough.”

O’Mara shouts so loud that his voice cracks at times.

He later issued an apology.

“It’s regrettable that the exchange ultimately turned heated and, as an elected official, I regret the words and tone that were used,” the statement cited by the Times Union read in part. “I still don’t like the underhanded tactics, but I should know better.”

(h/t Mediaite)