Plant-based ‘plantibodies’ drugs grab global attention for Low Cost

Another bit of good news that I thought I would share. You can read the full article at the link at the bottom of the page. AVB


We have to date heard about antibodies but now plant-based ‘plantibodies’ are grabbing attention in the biotech world.
According to the health experts, biotech drug production techniques which are based on plants can prove to be faster and higher yielding and even cheaper than the current using mammalian cells.

San Diego’s Mapp Pharmaceutical has recently grabbed the headlines for an experimental Ebola drug which was given to two American health workers diagnosed with the disease.

Companies like Canada’s PlantForm Corp, Germany’s Icon Genetics and Delaware-based IBio Inc. all are known for the same reason.

The privately-held companies, meanwhile, working on producing antibodies, vaccines and protein drugs in fast-growing plants. These companies hope that these low cost plant-based productions may eventually grab attention of larger drugmakers. Larger pharmaceutical makers have yet to accept the method after spending millions of dollars on their current manufacturing lines.

Victor Klimyuk, Chief Operating Officer at Icon Genetics, said, “I think the interest will come. It is typical that the Big Pharma industry is very conservative in what they establish and what they invest in.”
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