My take on the current press coverage of what’s happening in Israel and Palestine


I have to say that the coverage of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has been very badly reported here in the United States. They talk about how many Palestinians are being killed, but give a fraction of the coverage to what’s happening in Israel. Having family there, I know that they are living in fear because unlike the Israelis, Hamas sends rockets with no warning and without care as to where they land. Last week there was a near-miss of a nuclear power plant in a populated area in Israel. Hamad uses children, schools, hospitals in the same way that the dictator of Syria does. They use them as their human shields. Hamas’ popularity among the Palestinian people is waning and again this is so underreported here in the United States. I am NOT looking for Israel to get special treatment by the press I just wanted to get equal treatment by the press.
This conflict has it been in my life since I can remember. I hope one day we will see piece. But that peace cannot come until the Palestinians are represented by people care about the people and don’t have an agenda of power for themselves. AVB

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