Secretary of State Clinton takes on Fox News

I simply love her, and it seems fox news has taken more blows from democrats today then the seahawks did from the broncos.
On a personal note, I went to Gay pride in New York in 2000. Although I have been to gay events across the country I’ve never been to a gay pride. Miami in those days did not have one. I can be corny at times and insisted to watch the parade from in front of Stonewall bar. After fighting our way through the crowds we finally got there at the tail end of the parade. I saw a group of people walking and among them at first I believe it was one of the best drag queens doing Hillary Clinton but in fact it was our first lady. I never felt as proud to be gay as at that moment when the realization came that our first lady was standing there walking in the March with Mayor Rudy Giuliani next to her. She has one my loyalty forever. And I truly hope that she makes the decision to run for the Presidency of the United States of America. Not only will she be an incredible leader but she will make one giant crack in the glass ceiling that holds women back in our country. I realize a part of the Democratic Progressive movement is looking at Elizabeth Warren, whom I like a lot. But this is Secretary of State Clinton time and I am ready for Hillary. She has the credentials and the moxi to stand up for the values that I think we need in the White House. Go Hillary in 2016.

I hope we can agree or agree not to agree any to case let’s keep it all civil

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