Democrats hold biggest lead in congressional preference since 2008 – NBC News


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I truly believe that politics or like a pendulum. They swing to the left and then they swing to the right and then back again. This president has turbocharged the pendulum swing to the left. Young people are appalled at the fact that completely unqualified and Ultra conservative activist judges are being put in place for life throughout our Federal Judicial System. They are going to be a blight on our society four generations because he’s picking very young people. You add to the fact that his policies are walking us into unwanted and unnecessary Wars. His secretary of state, a former oil executive, has dismantled the state department and has made it a toothless entity in the world. This is so sad for our country and I am gratified to see these kind of poll results.


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The Pentagon’s Secret Search for UFOs – POLITICO Magazine


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I always think how arrogant humans are to believe we are the only sentient beings in this vast Universe of universes. We are finding habitable planets everyday and life seems to want to spring up everywhere. In the deepest depths of the ocean at unbelievable pressures we find life. On the edges of volcanoes and intense Heat we find life. It would be very strange if intelligent beings have not evolved on another planet in another galaxy.

I was never a fan of Harry Reid in his tenure has Senate Majority Leader but this endeavor by him to find out more about what could be in our heavens is laudable. Please read the article in the link below and see all of the Wonders that the Pentagon is looking for.

Live long and prosper


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If Trump Fires Mueller, We Must Impeach – The Nation


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Yes, the thought of seeing 45 impeached makes me giddy. But I’m a realist and I know that the number of Senators that must vote for impeachment is nowhere near the number that we have in the current Senate. Nor will it be the number after 2018. So as much as all this talk of impeachment is hopeful it’s also completely unrealistic. Our only chance of getting rid of this plague on the White House is to have the special counsel bring charges against his son or his son in law and force the resignation of this man.


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President Donald Trump speaks to reporters on December 15, 2017. Please note that hands appear larger than they are in real life. (AP Photo / Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Republicans unveil final version of tax bill – TheHill


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Like vampires, the GOP decide to unveil their tax scam bill in the dark of night. The light of day would make this thing not just catch on fire but explode. 

Removing the individual mandate does not help the poor and we’ll add an incredible burden to all of us and here’s why. Hospitals must treat people that come in on an emergency basis. If you don’t have insurance they still have to treat you. That $695 went into a fund to help hospitals pay for those people who had no insurance. Now there is no more incentive for people not to just walk into a hospital and demand treatment. I am sure that most of those people will be Trump voters. I am all for people getting health care, that’s why I am so for the Affordable Care Act but getting it for free or on the backs of others that I don’t agree with.

Let’s move on. The corporate tax rate goes down to 21% from 35%. But they left it every loophole that allows corporations to pay near nothing in Texas. Corporations are not going to trickle this down to anyone. This is a sham and a gift to corporate donors. I wonder how much of the 700 billion dollars that Apple has in its coffers is going to go back to the people?

The inheritance tax which they have cleverly named the death tax. This only affects those who are leaving more than 5 million dollars behind for their families. Most of us wish we could leave $5000000 behind. They keep saying that this is going to help farmers, it turns out that it’s going to help one tenth of a percent of farmers.

I could go on, but it’s time that we take control of this government and tell them that we will not stand for this. I have posted this number before but please use it this week.


All you need to do is put in your zip code and it will connect you to your two senators and your representative in the house. Give them your name your zip code and how you are against this tax plan. This is the only effective way of getting through to them. Let’s Jam up there switchboards and show them who is in charge of this government.

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Like a robot, Marco Rubio, Falls in with the GOP and votes against the best interest of his constituents in Florida. I am so happy I moved from there.

Senator Schatz: Strike Fear in Congress by Turning Your FCC Rage into Votes –


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This Administration gives us a reason to scream wildly at our TVs everyday. Today is an exceptionally brutal one. They are trying to change the way the internet works and it smacks of regimes run by dictators like 45s best friend Vlad.

It’s clear that the GOP is hearing our voices and they are afraid very afraid of what’s going to happen in 2018. Let’s give them more reason to be fearful by raising our voices and not allowing this sham to not be a punishable offense. Paul Ryan wants to be president but I think he has smeared himself so badly that even if he quits the speakership next year it’s not going to make a difference.

We must all call our representatives and tell them that we will not stand for monopolies to dictate how and why we use the internet. Here’s how you get in touch with them:

(202) 224-3121

It’s Fast N Easy, just give them your zip code and they will connect you to both your senators and your representative in the house. We must do this now


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Senator Schatz photo credit Getty Images

The FCC repealed net neutrality — and cable companies fell (CMCSA, TMUS, TWX, S, VZ, CHTR) – Markets Insider


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First I would like to preface that I am no fan of the cable companies. I’m stuck in a contract with DirecTV but the minute the contract expires on cutting the cord. At this point I wish I had not signed the contract but hindsight is 20/20

That being said, today’s vote on net neutrality has major implications on the freedom that we all enjoy on the internet. Those of us with blogs realize that we will no longer have the same priority as someone who has the wherewithal to pay for higher access. This is a terrible decision and was made by an FCC chairman who thought it a good idea to make a video about pizzagate and Hillary Clinton kidnapping young children. This is who we have running the FCC?

I am not a fan of the current Administration and their decisions have one by one shown me that they are not the friends of the American people. They Don’t Care About Us they care about corporations who are paying for their survival. This Administration is worried that they will not have the wind at their back in 2020 and will not have the funding that the Democrats will have. So hurting the cable companies seems to be against their best interest. But then again everything they do seems to be against their best interest.


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Ahead of net neutrality vote, FCC chairman stars in video with Pizzagate conspiracy theorist

April Ryan: Omarosa fired by Kelly, escorted out of White House –


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This was too long in coming. She was nothing but a parasite who fed lies to the president. Maybe his bubble just burst a little bit more. He needs to hear that the majority of the American people are not for his policies. When you have numbers that are underwater in Alabama as a Republican president who won Alabama by 68% just a year ago you need to look deep inside and make changes.

I’m not a fan of General Kelly, I think he is disingenuous and many places. But he wants this White House to continue so he can remain in power. He did the right thing to get rid of this woman.

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Report: Roy Moore quoted Hitler, questioned 9/11 attacks in 2011 interviews – From articles at


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Before anybody starts jumping down my throat this is from the Alabama Media Group they are the owners of the three largest Alabama newspapers and a myriad of radio stations and magazines across Alabama. This is not some Washington K Street lobbyists coming down to swoop down and try to change people’s minds in Alabama.

Judge Roy Moore’s views are incredibly disturbing. He unabashedly thinks that all the amendments after the 10th Amendment to the Constitution should be removed. By the way those include the right to vote for women and African-Americans and abolishing slavery just to name a few that he thinks should not be around. This man has a poisoned mind and cannot be near the body that besides the laws of the land. He will poisson people by just being there. His election is an abomination and needs to be stopped. I have donated all I can to his opponent. Hell if his opponent were Republican and he were a Democrat I’d be donating a lot of money to that through Republican. But in this case his opponent is someone who has fought for the civil rights of the American people and Gravely prosecuted for individuals from the KKK that had killed civil rights activist 40 years ago. Enough is enough Alabama do the right thing on Tuesday.


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Alabama Trump supporters were reminded that Ivanka once denounced Roy Moore: ‘A special place in hell’  –


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Ivanka Trump is Cut From the Same Cloth as her father. She’ll say whatever she thinks will make her popular with whomever she is close to. She’ll say something to a Democrat that a Democrat will like and then walk over to a Republican and say something completely opposite to make that Republican happy. Sounds like anyone else we might know in that family? So finding out that she said there was a special place in hell for people like Roy Moore is not surprising especially where she said it. 

So once again the trumps show that they are nothing but a family of corrupt underworld figures, a crime family if you like.


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