Candace Owens to Congress: ‘White Supremacy and White Nationalism Are Not a Problem’ – The Daily Beast

The more the Republicans start showing what’s under their skin the more they are going to be relegated to the annals of History. bringing out this woman who says that Hitler was okay until he went global and says that white supremacy is not a problem after El Paso to testify in front of Congress as some sort of an expert is a sham. Shame on the Republican party and what it’s become. As much as I did not like wild Reagan, orany other of the Republican presidents that we’ve had since I’ve been alive I’ve got to say I think those of them who are no longer with us are spinning in their graves not understanding what happened to our country and their party.


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Tillerson: Netanyahu, Israelis ‘played’ Trump – POLITICO

We should have voted in Tony Schwartz as our president in 2016. He actually wrote The art of the deal. The guy we have in office right now doesn’t know how to do a good deal if it hit him in the face. So when former Secretary of State tillerson says that Israel and especially the corrupt Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu played Trump that is as unsurprising as anything one has heard in the last three years.

This is the most corrupt and inept president we’ve ever had in this country. He insists on running the country as if the 38% that voted for him are the only people who live here. He has stepped over every boundary that was set up by our founding fathers. They never ever thought that the American people would be so stupid as to elect a man like Trump. But we did.

On a similar subject that is big news right now it was really unsurprising that Trump did not deny making a phone call to a foreign leader and subsequently making up a promise that alarmed a whistleblower. He just said that he knew that people would be listening but never denied it. we watch him on television during his rallies and his brain, the brain of a stable genius, wanders more than anything I’ve ever seen can a human brain. He can’t stay on one subject for any length of time. it’s almost like there is a laser pointer and he’s a cat.

Do United States of America and its population has one remedy and that’s in 20/20. We have 400 days to pick someone to run against them and hope that the foreign powers that this man has cozied up to don’t interfere and how we elect our president. I am in no way confident of this outcome. He has made it clear that he would happily accept help for his re-election from Russia. his people are blackmailing Ukraine into trying to get information on potential Democratic rivals. The corruption of this man, the corruption in plain sight, is nauseating, depressing and disheartening.

On a side note, Tillerson and Exxon Mobil are responsible for this climate crisis. 10 billion birds have been in North America in The last 5 ears, our planet is crushing in on itself.


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Saudi Arabia Says Iran ‘Unquestionably Sponsored’ Attack On Oil Facilities – NPR

Since my teenage years, and I am 65, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been a thorn in the side of the world. I remember when they formed OPEC and then shut off the fuel supply to the United States. I remember standing in lines trying to get to my college classes type of hat the gas needed to get me there. They have been bad players from the beginning and they continue to be so. They are cruel to their people and let them live in poverty even though the royal family lives in luxury that most of us cannot even comprehend.

Let us not forget Mohammed bin Salman, the current Prince of Saudi Arabia ordered the murder of an American journalist, we will not forget khashoggi.

And so now in order to start a pot Saudi Arabia says that Iran definitely sponsored this attack on their oil facilities. Were they a name sponsor or just one that wanted to be in the credits? They can’t point to Iran as the launcher of the missiles because they were launched from Iraq granted Iran has a lot of reasons to do this to Saudi Arabia but it is not enough of a reason for us to jump into a war once again in the middle East and make more generations hate us well into the future.

this is hard for me to say because I really despise them haven’t but Trump is actually doing the more measured in response to this incident. we have oil reserves in the United States that are kept specifically for this kind of strategic need. Trust me the Saudi Arabian government is going to use all its wealth to rebuild a refined race. And in the meantime do United States is going to make some extra much-needed dollars on the foreign trade front.

The Saudi Arabians are well-known to say they will fight with a ran with the last American soldier’s blood.we have sent him so much in military prowess why aren’t they using it themselves? Why are they doing a proxy war in Yemen? Why do they want the United States to shed blood of our soldiers before they even put their toe into the pool?

The world right now is a tinderbox and resembles what history has shown us the world look like prior to Major Wars. I know I don’t have the appetite for a war and I am sure that the majority of the American people do not as well. If Benjamin netanyahu is actually taken out of office and Israel I see a little bit of the marched War slowing down because we might finally have a breath of fresh air from an election.


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Washington Post journalist Jamal khashoggi who was murdered by the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman

Trump Is Dangerously Unstable—and It’s Almost Too Late for an Impeachment – Newsweek

The past couple of weeks have been I think the most disturbing ones of the current administration. Between Sharpie gate and the firing of John Bolton or as the president likes a column Michael Bolton, or the fact that the Trump administration stifled the FBI investigating Brett Kavanaugh this all adds up to a breakdown of government. Today Corey Lewandowski thumbed his nose at the house judiciary committee. It’s getting old to play the what if Obama did game. I was just talking to one of my best friends John and we were half laughing about the fact that Sean Spicer appeared in the same outfit that Rick Perry did on Dancing with the Stars. I asked them how come there have been no former Obama administration officials on Dancing with the Stars and he correctly said they don’t need to be rehabilitated in the eyes of the public. I guess if you dance like a fool on Dancing with the Stars you get to become the person in charge of our nuclear Arsenal.

For a man who doesn’t pay his attorneys Trump sure has a bunch of good ones right now. They have done everything possible to Stonewall investigation from Congress. I am tired of hearing pundits on television complaining about the Democrats and how slow they’ve been on the impeachment front. I know time has lost its meaning chewing this Trump era but let’s not forget that the Democrats have had control of the house only 8 months ! You listen to these people and makes it sound that the Democrats have been around with the subpoena power forever. 9 months ago the head of judiciary committee wasn’t Republican and the head of the intelligence committee who is now suing a fictitious cow, Devin Nunez was the head of the intelligence committee. Let’s not forget that time seems to have lost its way during the Trump era.

Yes he’s dangerous and yes I think the American people know it and I truly believe that they will come out and vote I’m out of office. Whether or not he leaves office it’s something and I fear keeps me up at night, he seems to have the military in his back pocket like most dictators and how he has the justice department and the judges and slowly like a creeping virus he’s been able to embed himself, with the help of Moscow Mitch, into the fabric of our government in a way no other president has been able to do.

I fear for our democracy.

I fear for our country.


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Hillary Clinton’s Zombie Impeachment Memo That Could Help Fell Trump – POLITICO Magazine

You know how they say you don’t forget important moments in your life, well I vividly remember that November morning in 2016 when I realized that Donald Trump was going to be in the white house. I was crushed. I have been crushed for almost three years now. All of my fears about this man have come true and some of them I could have never imagined. The never-ending barrage of scandals coming out of this White House it’s nauseating.

Perhaps Hillary Clinton will have the last word after all. She wrote 45 years ago when she wasn’t Hillary Clinton a memo that has become the blueprint on whether or not Congress has grounds for impeachment. It was used and Watergate then again against her husband in 1998. And now perhaps the impeachment gods will have their last laugh. Many people say that it’s a little late for Congress to impeach him but the Republicans started impeaching Bill Clinton in 1998 and it did not end until late 1999. I remembered that. Hand, honestly, it was ugly. But in this case, with Trump, it’s not about having an affair with an intern it’s about so much more. Weather his allegiance to Putin or his love of white supremacist or just his love of money and trying to make the most of it while in the White House. He is violating the Constitution domestic emoluments clause which says that the president cannot make money from his office. He gets his salary and nothing else not even gifts that come from dignitaries that are worth more than $50. Nothing but we know that he has been using his office to try to bolster his failing properties. Doral used to be a beautiful place but industry has surrounded it and its proximity to Miami International Airport makes it a nightmare to stay there. My mom and dad are buried in the cemetery that’s just outside of Doral country Club. And now he wants to make world leaders pay him to stay at his property.

I hope Hillary Clinton has the last laugh, and the majority of American people can finally take a breath.


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Attacks on crucial Saudi oil sites threaten to renew Gulf tensions – NBC News

If Trump and Kushner were not in bed with the Saudi Prince I would think that this may have been an attack orchestrated by the US. Overnight the United States became the largest reservoir of oil in the world. Prices of oil have gone up by 15% overnight. This is going to cripple the Saudi economy.

I don’t think that Iran had any reason to do an attack on the Saudis right now. The US was in talks to soften sanctions on Iran that Trump and post. Iran’s economy needs this influx of much-needed cash. But then of course Trump negotiates buy a tweet. It’s funny, for a man who campaigned saying that President Obama was too open about troop movements and the search, Trump seems to be an open book if you just follow him on Twitter. This is not a way for our government to be run but of course I think everybody in this country sees that. May we make it until 2021 and I hope he actually leaves office.


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I spent a decade addicted to opioids: Here’s why Pete Buttigieg gives me hope – TheHill

I have used recreational chemicals in the past, that’s no secret. I am lucky though I never got addicted to anything. That being said I have been affected by the opioid crisis.

One of my best friends of 39 years became addicted while I was living in a different city and I knew nothing about it. When I returned to my so-called hometown it became obvious that I was meant to be as his ATM machine. I just thought that’s the recession had hit him hard and whenever he asked for money I would give it to him if I could.

It wasn’t until after my assault that I found out that in fact he was addicted to heroin. I feel so sorry for him and his family. I remember him telling me that he had gone skiing in Aspen and it hurt his knee. He never talked about it again. Turns out it’s the same old story oh, he was giving opioids and when the supply was cut off he went on to heroin.

Peter Buttigieg is a refreshing change from the politics of today. He is bright, charismatic, intelligent and most importantly he does not seem erratic. We have this creature in the White House. Has taken over our lives I think we need somebody like Peter to calm everything down. Look, I like Joe Biden but Joe Biden is too old. I like Elizabeth Warren but she’s going to be painted as a socialist. Kamala Harris hasn’t taken off and Amy klobuchar just doesn’t seem to have the temperament.

At the end of the day I hope and pray that Peter will be our nominee and I think he can take us to the finish line. We need to end this nightmare.


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Trump administration scraps three border wall projects – TheHill

We’ve heard the same song for 4 years…

I am going to build a wall and Mexico is going to pay for it

I’m going to build a wall and Mexico is paying for it

I’m going to build a wall and the American taxpayers and veterans will pay for it is the truth. his vanity wall is just that a vanity wall. Look I have a vanity blog, as you can see there are no ads on my blog, I paid for it out of my pocket. I don’t expect my readers to pay for it or for that matter Mexico.

He has a supreme court and his back pocket and God help us if we don’t win the presidency in 2020 as well as a majority in the Senate.

Because in 2021 only Trump knows what skiing he’s going to cook up and claimed that someone else will be paying for it, most likely going to be the American people.


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MSNBC Host Appears to Suggest Donald Trump’s Youngest Son Isn’t His – Newsweek

Look, I truly believe that the children of those living in the white house should be off limits. That being said I never heard either Presidents Clinton, bush or Obama forgetting they have a child.

If you read some of the stuff coming out of The West Wing, and one is to believe it, then it seems that the current occupant of the White House does not have a very good relationship with his son who lives with them. It seems that ever since Baron became taller than Trump trump resents him. I have no doubt that Baron is Trump’s child, just look at the hair. but this is a father who allegedly, allegedly, doesn’t like taking pictures with his daughter Tiffany because he thinks she is overweight. Look one is the product of one’s upbringing. And maybe that’s why Don Jr and Eric need to go out and shoot helpless animals to make them feel like men. I don’t know, I’ve never shot an animal and at 65 I don’t think I’m going to start anytime soon. It’s a very special, Disturbed individual to shoot beautiful lion and sit on top of its carcass, I don’t think that’s an opinion I think that’s a fact.

I hope Barron grows up to be a wonderful young man and perhaps growing up in the white house will give him the opportunity to do so. Certainly growing up in Trump tower did not help any of the other children.


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